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The Izzy Award
I.F. Stone Medal

The Harvard Medal Project for Journalistic Independence

2008 Award

The panelists     Bob Giles and John Walcott    John Walcott Boy Scout Salute
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John Walcott Acceptance Speech

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Article about panel discussion

The Platform: In Praise of Journalistic Independence
by Peter Osnos

On a recent beautiful October afternoon, with the global financial system gyrating out of control, a group of journalists and friends gathered at Washington’s Newseum for the presentation of the first I.F. Stone Medal for Journalistic Independence, administered by the Nieman Foundation at Harvard. The credit implosion of 2008 and simultaneous climax of a riveting two-year presidential campaign has overwhelmed pretty much everything else this fall, as well they should have. But the awarding of the Stone medal (for which I serve as an adviser) underscored again the importance of reporting that aggressively and against the odds of conventional wisdom challenges official dogma. … More