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The Legacy of I.F. Stone
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I.F. Stone's Weekly Was a Journalistic Triumph of the 20th Century
In a journalistic poll to determine the “Top 100 Works of Journalism in the United States in the 20th Century.” I.F. Stone's Weekly was rated 16th. And this was the second highest rating accorded any sustained print journalism in the entire century (i.e., fourteen of the fifteen higher-ranked works of journalism were books or related to radio or TV journalism). By contrast, Murray Kempton’s columns were ranked 49th and Walter Lippmann was ranked 64th for “Early essays for the New Republic. 1914.” See this link.

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Edited by Karl Weber and with an introduction by Peter Osnos, this book collects the essential writing of I.F. (Izzy) Stone—the brilliant investigative journalist whose work is as fresh and as urgent as the day it was written. More

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C-Span 2
C-SPAN2 coverage of the 100th Birthday Party

MacNeil Lehrer
Interview with I.F. Stone on the MacNeil Lehrer Report
The anchors for NBC, CBS and ABC on the death of I.F. Stone

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