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The Legacy of I.F. Stone
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Ithaca College, Park Center for Independent Media / Izzy Award

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Jeremy Stone’s remarks: “What Is Izzyness?” (delivered at April 28, 2014 ceremony)

The Izzy Award is named after maverick journalist I. F. Stone. Presented annually for "special achievement in independent media," the Izzy Award goes to an independent outlet, journalist, or producer for contributions to our culture, politics, or journalism created outside traditional corporate structures. The judges are communications professor and author Robert W. McChesney; Linda Jue, director and executive editor at the G.W. Williams Center for Independent Journalism; and Jeff Cohen, director of the Park Center for Independent Media at Ithaca College.

Hall of Fame

The I.F. Stone Hall of Fame was created for exceptional journalists who would otherwise be repeat Izzy Award winners. Those inducted into the hall are GLENN GREENWALD and JEREMY SCAHILL (both in 2014) and AMY GOODMAN (2016)

Annual Winners

The 13th annual award was awarded in 2021 to TRUTHOUT.org and to journalists LILIANA SEGURA and TIM SCHWAB. More info here.

The 12th annual Izzy Award was awarded in 2020 to NEWS INSIDE and CENTER FOR INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM and to journalist MATT TAIBBI. More info here.

The 11th annual Izzy Award was awarded in 2019 to EARTH ISLAND JOURNAL and to journalists LAURA FLANDERS, DAVE LINDORFFand AARON MATÉ. More info here.

The 10th annual Izzy Award was presented in 2018 to journalists LEE FANG, SHARON LERNER, DAHR JAMAIL and TODD MILLER. More info here.

The ninth annual Izzy Award was presented in 2017 to journalists SHANE BAUER, ARI BERMAN, SETH FREED WESSLER and the docu-series "AMERICA DIVIDED." More info here.

The eighth annual Izzy Award was presented in 2016 to INSIDE CLIMATE NEWS for its series “Exxon: The Road Not Taken” and independent journalists JAMIE KALVEN (of the Invisible Institute) and freelancer BRANDON SMITH for exposing the Chicago police cover-up of the killing of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald. Also, Democracy Now! host and executive producer AMY GOODMAN was inducted into the I. F. Stone Hall of Fame. More info here.

The seventh annual Izzy Award was presented in 2015 to author NAOMI KLEIN and investigative journalist DAVID SIROTA. More info here.

The sixth annual Izzy Award was presented in 2014 to independent reporter JOHN CARLOS FREY and author NICK TURSE. More info here.

The fifth annual Izzy Award was presented in 2013 to the nonprofit news outlet MOTHER JONES. More info here.

The fourth annual Izzy Award was presented in 2012 to Democracy Now! correspondent SHARIF ABDEL KOUDDOUS and to the CENTER FOR MEDIA AND DEMOCRACY for its work on "ALEC Exposed." More info here.

The third annual Izzy Award was presented in 2011 to independent journalist Robert Scheer and independent magazine City Limits. More info here.

The 2010 Izzy Award was presented to independent journalist JEREMY SCAHILL. More info here.

The inaugural Izzy Award for 2009 was presented to blogger GLENN GREENWALD and Democracy Now! host and executive producer AMY GOODMAN. More info here.

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