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The Legacy of I.F. Stone
I.F. Stone Biographies

I.F. Stone: A Portrait
by Andrew Patner

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"What a lovely portrait of our epoch's greatest journalist."
—Studs Terkel

"Izzy Stone is an American phenomenon, and Andrew Patner's book about him is phenomenally good."
—Ben H. Bagdikian

"An extraordinary mind at work: That is what Andrew Patner shows us in this delightful book."
—Anthony Lewis

"A literary 'My Dinner with Izzy.'  The idea was to get the semiretired journalist to reflect on his career and subjects that matter to him . . . The mission was accomplished superbly."
Cleveland Plain Dealer

"A short book as rich as shelves of American history tomes, this lively conversational portrait of an ideally responsible citizen-journalist is enough to renew your faith in democracy, in humanity."

"Stone talks well, sometimes brilliantly, and Patner is an excellent editor.  The result is a small, delightful book."
Chicago Sun-Times

"Those of us of an age to remember I.F. Stone's Weekly as a beacon of truth and sanity in what Stone called 'the haunted fifties' will relish Patner's delight in discovery of his subject's unique method of fact-finding and reporting."
—Jessica Mitford, San Francisco Chronicle

"An entirely engaging portrait . . ."
Publishers Weekly

"[A] small gem . . . that captures the essence of Izzy in conversation . . . . My book would be most incomplete without Patner's work."
—Myra MacPherson, All Governments Lie: The Life and Times of Rebel Journalist I.F. Stone

"Andrew Patner, the young Chicago journalist who had the wit to debrief Izzy on tape . . . . ."
—Victor Navasky, The Nation

"[A]s one reads along, the charm of Stone's conversation steals into the heart."
—Molly Ivins, The Washington Monthly

"A small book by Andrew Patner shows [Stone] to have been a conversationalist on the level of Saul Bellow's Von Humboldt Fleisher, with the same knack for mixing raffishness and erudition."
—Nicholas Lemann, The New Yorker