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Short Biography & False Allegations
Writings by I.F. Stone

The New York Review of Books

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I. F. Stone Reviews:


February 16, 1989: The Rights of Gorbachev

December 22, 1988: Another Betrayal by Psychiatry?

January 21, 1988: Was There a Witch Hunt in Ancient Athens?

April 16, 1981: FOR 'SOLIDARITY'

February 22, 1979: FROM THE GREEK

I.F. Stone CaricatureFebruary 22, 1979: A Shah Lobby Next?

October 26, 1978: The Hope

July 20, 1978: CARTER, AFRICA, & SALT

March 9, 1978: Confessions of a Jewish Dissident

November 24, 1977: WORDS FOR THE SHAH

May 12, 1977: LET HIM GO

September 30, 1976: SURPRISE!

August 5, 1976: THE "EXCELSIOR" AFFAIR

May 27, 1976: The Threat to the Republic

Foreign and Military Intelligence Book I, Final Report, Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities

Intelligence Activities and the Rights of Americans Book II, Final Report, Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities

April 1, 1976: The Schorr Case: The Real Dangers

June 12, 1975: Conned in Cambodia

March 6, 1975: War for Oil? An Exchange

February 20, 1975: A New Solution for the CIA

February 6, 1975: War for Oil?

November 28, 1974: VICTIMS

Killings at Kent State
Killings at Kent State is a collection of articles printed in the New York Review of Books

November 14, 1974: Mr. Ford's Deceptions

October 3, 1974: The Fix

November 29, 1973: Why Nixon Fears to Resign

November 1, 1973: Agnew's Successor: What Nixon Fears

October 18, 1973: The Sakharov Campaign


August 9, 1973: It Pays to Be Ignorant

July 19, 1973: The Washington Power Game

June 28, 1973: A Special Supplement: Impeachment

Impeachment: The Constitutional Problems by Raoul Berger

The Impeachment and Trial of Andrew Johnson by Michael Les Benedict



April 19, 1973: Can Congress Stop the President?

March 8, 1973: Toward a Third Indochina War

January 25, 1973: Nixon's Blitzkrieg

November 30, 1972: A Bad Deal that May Not Work

November 2, 1972: The Flowering of Henry Kissinger

Kissinger: The Uses of Power by David Landau

Metternich by Alan Palmer

October 19, 1972: The Education of Henry Kissinger

Metternich by Alan Palmer

Dear Henry by Danielle Hunebelle

Kissinger: The Uses of Power by David Landau

September 21, 1972: COMMUNIST "ACQUIESCENCE"

September 21, 1972: LNS

September 21, 1972: Will the War Go on Until 1976?

August 31, 1972: Where Was Nixon When Sadat Gave the Russians the Boot?

August 10, 1972: I.F. Stone Reports: The Morning After

July 20, 1972: McGovern vs. Nixon on the Arms Race

June 29, 1972: The New Shape of Nixon's World

June 15, 1972: Why Nixon Won His Moscow Gamble

June 1, 1972: I.F. Stone Reports: Nixon's War Gamble and Why It Won't Work

Catch the Falling Flag by Richard J. Whalen

National Security Study Memorandum No. 1: The Situation in Vietnam

May 18, 1972: II Machismo in Washington

April 20, 1972: I.F. Stone Reports: Moving the Constitution to the Back of the Bus

April 6, 1972: I.F. Stone Reports: Behind the ITT Scandal

March 23, 1972: ZHORES, NOT JAURES

March 23, 1972: I.F. Stone Reports: The Pentagon and Peking

March 9, 1972: I.F. Stone Reports: The Hidden Traps in Nixon's Peace Plan

February 24, 1972: I. F. Stone Reports: Can Russia Change?

A Chronicle of Current Events Republished in English by Amnesty International Publications, Turnagain Lane, Farringdon St., London EC4, England Journal of the Soviet Human Rights Movement

Let History Judge by Roy A. Medvedev

Uncensored Russia: Protest and Dissent in the Soviet Union by Peter Reddaway

February 10, 1972: I. F. Stone Reports: Betrayal by Psychiatry

Let History Judge by Roy A. Medvedev

A Question of Madness by Zhores Medvedev, by Roy Medvedev

A Chronicle of Current Events Republished in English by Amnesty International Publications, Turnagain Lane, Farringdon St., London EC4, England Journal of the Soviet Human Rights Movement

March 11, 1971: In the Bowels of Behemoth

TFX Contract Investigation Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations Report of the Committee on Government Operations made by its

The War Profiteers by Richard F. Kaufman

The Military Establishment: Its Impact on American Society by Adam Yarmolinsky

The Pentagon Watchers: Students Report on the National Security State edited by Leonard S. Rodberg, edited by Derek Shearer

How Much is Enough? Shaping the Defense Program by Alain C. Enthoven, by K. Wayne Smith

December 3, 1970: Fabricated Evidence in the Kent State Killings

June 4, 1970: Memo to the AP Editors: How Laird Lied

May 7, 1970: The Test Ban Comedy

April 23, 1970: Theatre of Delusion

April 9, 1970: A Century of Futility

December 4, 1969: Lessons for Nixon

The Limits of Intervention by Townsend Hoopes

June 19, 1969: The Committee to Defend the Conspiracy

June 19, 1969: An Appeal to Averell Harriman

June 5, 1969: The War Machine under Nixon

March 27, 1969: Nixon and the Arms Race: How Much Is "Sufficiency"?

February 13, 1969: The Supineness of the Senate

The Gulf of Tonkin, The 1964 Incidents. Part II Session. Supplementary Documents to February 20, 1968; Hearing With Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara Dated December 16, released December 20, 1968 Committee on Foreign Relations, US Senate, 90th Congress, 2nd

January 2, 1969: CZECHOSLOVAKIA

January 2, 1969: Nixon and the Arms Race: The Bomber Boondoggle


November 7, 1968: McNamara and the Militarists

The Essence of Security by Robert S. McNamara

September 26, 1968: Rx

August 22, 1968: Who Are the Democrats?

June 20, 1968: Party of the Rich and Well-Born

Fall from Grace: The Republican Party and the Puritan Ethic by Milton Viorst

The Republican Party 1854-1966 by George H. Mayer

March 28, 1968: McNamara and Tonkin Bay: The Unanswered Questions

The Gulf of Tonkin, The 1964 Incidents Senate, Ninetieth Congress, Second Session with the Honorable Robert S. McNamara, Secretary of Defense, on February 20, 1968 (released February 24, 1968) Hearing Before the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States

August 3, 1967: Holy War

"Le conflit israélo-arabe"

July 13, 1967: REGIS DEBRAY

March 9, 1967: DISSENT

January 26, 1967: Fulbright: The Timid Opposition

January 12, 1967: Fulbright: >From Hawk to Dove (Part 2)

Senator Fulbright: Portrait of a Public Philosopher by Tristram Coffin

December 29, 1966: Fulbright of Arkansas: I

Senator Fulbright: Portrait of a Public Philosopher by Tristram Coffin

August 18, 1966: People Without a Country

The Negro American edited by Talcott Parsons, edited by Kenneth B. Clark

April 14, 1966: The Brink

The Missile Crisis by Elie Abel

January 20, 1966: Keep 'Em Flying

Mission With LeMay by General Curtis E. LeMay, by MacKinlay Kantor

December 23, 1965: IT WAS XENOPHANES

November 11, 1965: The Pilgrimage of Malcolm X

The Autobiography of Malcolm X with the assistance of Alex Haley

Malcolm X Speaks edited by George Breitman

August 5, 1965: The Knack

The Making of the President:1964 by Theodore H. White

April 22, 1965: Vietnam: An Exercise in Self-Delusion

The New Face of War by Malcolm W. Browne

The Making of a Quagmire by David Halberstam

December 17, 1964: The Wrong War

Conflict in Laos by Arthur J. Dommen

Street Without Joy by Bernard B. Fall

September 24, 1964: Everybody's Guide to Liberalism

The Cause Is Mankind by Hubert H. Humphrey

War on Poverty by Hubert H. Humphrey

August 20, 1964: The Collected Works of Barry Goldwater

The Conscience of a Conservative by Barry M. Goldwater

Why Not Victory? by Barry M. Goldwater

Blue Cross and Private Health Insurance Coverage of Older Americans [Medicare] Committee on Aging, U.S. Senate, together with Minority and Individual Views by Senators Dirksen, Goldwater, Carlson, and Fong. A Report by the Subcommittee on Health of the Elderly to the Special

Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, the War on Poverty Bill together with minority and individual views by Senators Goldwater, Tower, Javits, and Prouty. 88th Congress 2d S ession, Report No. 1218 Report from the Senate Committee on Labor and Public Welfare,

July 30, 1964: The Making of a President

The Professional: Lyndon B. Johnson by William S. White